Longa Bazar

Longa Bazar

No matter what you are looking for, you will find it at Longa Bazar.

Here there is an atmosphere that feels like home, family and cheerfulness. It is a unique shop and everyone who enters it immediately feels at ease and enchanted by the fascination of a thousand colours and gift items.

Gianvittorio and Marilisa set up a unique business in 1973, which guarantees a complete offer and, thanks to their great dedication, becomes a point of reference for the people of Livigno and tourists too.

If for the inhabitants of Livigno it represents the trusted shop where to buy gifts, household goods, electrical appliances and toys, for tourists the Longa Bazar is an undisputed icon in quality and assortment of souvenirs and little presents to take home with you when you return from your holidays in Livigno.

Longa Bazar news

Longa Bazar has more than 100 000 items and a variety of products to make the biggest competitors envious, as well as an excellent customer service. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help customers find what they are looking for. It is wonderful to see the passion that Marilisa and her entire team put into their work every day. It may be that you decide to enter the Longa Bazar without having a specific need, just to have a look and you find a thousand things you didn't know you needed: it is the place where getting lost is as easy as it is pleasant; every corner you turn, you find something new. A moment before you are observing the windows with the best cutlery on display, both for the kitchen and not; and the next second you are in the Christmas cottage set up inside the shop, amidst the lights, decorations, and colours.

Everything you are looking for to make your home cosier and prettier can be found at Longa Bazar: many items, numerous scents, fragrances, candles and more. A wide range of household goods and appliances is also on offer: the best brands and plenty of choice to satisfy a wide variety of requests. Children cannot resist stopping by the toys and stationery, of which the Bazaar is super-stocked.

In short, if you hadn't understood, to realise what the Bazaar is, you have to see it with your own eyes! We are waiting for you in Livigno.

Via Rin, 438

Longa Bazar is in Livigno