At Longa Bazar you will find the right gift for the right person.

Whether it is souvenirs, toys or stationery, we have a large variety of items that are suitable as important gifts or simple presents to take to your loved ones back from your holiday in Little Tibet.

How many times have you wanted to give a gift, a little present to a loved one, but had absolutely no idea? Probably many. At Longa Bazar, however, this is never a problem. Among our many items in the shop, you are sure to find one that suits you. We have many special items, real gems. They are all waiting to be discovered!

Les Alpes collectible fairies in Livigno

Actually, anything can become a gift: whether it's a souvenir, an electrical appliance, a household item or a Swiss army knife. However, there are some goodies that we would like to show you, which are quite special and worthy of note. In our shop, among the various gift items, we have the very popular and always appreciated “Les Alpes” collectible fairies. These are figurines of various sizes, depicting fairies and linked, for example, to a specific sign of the zodiac, or to a season: colourful and beautiful, they are all worth seeing. Equally popular are the statuettes depicting various types of professions through funny and amusing caricatures.

Livigno personalised souvenirs

In our shop you will also find many souvenirs: magnets, mugs, pencils, ladles, trivets, postcards and much more, all personalised with the writing "Livigno", to take home as a souvenir of your holiday in little Tibet. A wide choice of scented "Village Candles", cute little cloth gnomes in different sizes and colours, Brandani ecological water bottles, decorated with very modern and trendy patterns. And these are just some of our favourite items!!

Bruder toys in Livigno

Once downstairs, children will never want to go home again. Here's the reason why: it is on the lower floor of the Longa Bazar that you will find the toy department and the stationery. Here, too, we rely on brands that are synonymous with quality, such as Bruder, Siku and Schleich, and we keep an eye out for all the latest in toys and games - our little experts confirm this! Cars, dolls, animals, but also notebooks and diaries - an explosion of colours and fun.

We are waiting for you at Longa Bazar and look forward to recommending the right gift for any occasion!

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