The right housewares to make your home even cosier.

Taking care of your home requires the right equipment! At Longa Bazar you will find the best household goods and everything you need for your home every day.

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Taking care of your home is a real passion. At Longa Bazar we have everything you need to keep your home as functional as possible, but without sacrificing aesthetics and attention to detail.

To feel good in your own home, it is important to equip yourself with everything you need. At Longa Bazar we can help you complete your home furnishings with household goods that are synonymous with quality, of course only from the best brands. Starting with the kitchen, Brandani tableware sets will be faithful companions for dinner parties: colourful and simple, or elegant and elaborate, the right set for all occasions. Plates, glasses, breakfast cups, bowls and salad bowls are just some of the items you will find in the shop. Utensils, then, are crucial. If they are of poor quality, cooking is not the same, so it is better to play it safe and rely on the Bazaar: ladles, colanders, graters, moulds, spatulas and everything you need for your kitchen. We have a shelf dedicated to cookware: pans, pots and saucepans, for both gas and induction hobs, to prepare delicious meals and keep the whole family happy. For this category, Swiss Diamond is undoubtedly the real queen. Showing off our tableware in front of your guests during dinner is sure to make you look good!

Every part of the home is given due attention: soap dishes, laundry baskets, rugs, bathroom scales and much more. We have also thought about textiles: fabric sets for the kitchen and living room, tablecloths, runners, all colourful and decorated with the most diverse patterns, which will give your home that lovely touch it was previously lacking. Come and visit us in Livigno, we will help you find something to make your home special!

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