Scent of home, yours. Whether fresh, citrusy, sweet or stronger, at Longa Bazar we have the perfume for you.

Every place has its own scent, a smell that characterises it and makes it special: choose with us the most suitable fragrance for your home. Many fragrances and scents to give your home an extra touch of personality.



We believe it is wonderful to associate each room with a fragrance that goes hand in hand with its personality, to find that fragrance that brings us back to a specific place, recognisable even among a thousand others. At Longa Bazar we have a department entirely dedicated to perfumes: home fragrances, fabric fragrances, scented candles. Come and discover them all.

The brand par excellence is undoubtedly HYPNO CASA, which allows us to offer you a wide range of products. Divine red, black orchid, sea air, black pepper, magnolia blossom, noble sandalwood, pomegranate, cinnamon and orange, grapefruit, Arabian amber, vanilla and patchouly, autumn must, flower poetry, bergamot heart, sensual vanilla, romantic rose, Mediterranean charm, sweet vanilla and sea water are just some of the room fragrances available in various sizes and usable with both classic stick diffusers and sprays.

Scented Candles

Lovers of scented candles will love NATURE CANDLE (By Bonturi), handmade, completely made in Italy, in 100% vegetable wax. An ecological, sustainable and biodegradable proposal, with pure unbleached cotton wick and wooden cap.

HYPNO CASA is a valid alternative, also completely handmade and made in Italy. Each candle is made of soy wax and has a cotton wick. These products are vegetable-based, ecological, sustainable and biodegradable.

An excellent choice are Village Candles, quality items with homogeneous and clean combustion. The candles have two small wicks made of paper and cotton that allow better heat distribution.

In the “room fragrance” section of our shop you will also find a wide range of essential oils and essences that can be used both with essence burners and electric diffusers. A tip: these oils can also be used in the washing machine to perfume clothes and inside dehumidifiers in the home.

HYPNO CASA perfumes your home all-round! In our shop you will find a wide choice of fragrances for laundry and textiles, in different sizes and with fragrances for all tastes. We are waiting for you at Longa Bazar to give you valuable advice!

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