The magic of Christmas at Longa Bazar.

Christmas is that time of year when everything is covered in magic and beauty. At Longa Bazar, we have created a corner dedicated to Christmas decorations. Come and visit us, you will be fascinated.


Christmas is a special time of year, filled with magic and a feeling of serenity and carefree joy. At Longa Bazar something wonderful happens: all the magic doubles and this happens because we wanted to recreate a unique ambience, a space in the shop entirely dedicated to Christmas decorations.

Imagine you are on holiday in Livigno, where the snow and lights already make you breathe in all the Christmas air and you enter the Longa Bazar, all lit up and with a cosy and warm atmosphere. Once here, you can’t miss our little wooden house, furnished and filled with all the decorations and ornaments that will create the most Christmassy atmosphere ever in your home.

Let's go in order, though, starting with the base: we have many Christmas trees, of various types and, above all, of different sizes, which can be adapted to different contexts and spaces according to your needs.

Fabric gnomes Livigno

In our little house, you will also find everything you need to decorate the tree: lots of balls, ribbons, festoons, but also garlands, lanterns, glass balls with snow, wooden decorations, elements to decorate the garden and the outside of your home. At Longa Bazar you will find many types of lights: yellow, red, white, blue, round, tapered, LED lights... many alternatives to create the best light effects.

A treat, then, are our fabric gnomes, which become cute decorating objects. There are them in different sizes and colours, some dressed in typical Christmas patterns, all very nice and auspicious. They are a good-luck gift, but also a typically Alpine furniture. Come and visit us and choose your favourite!

Via Rin, 438

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